Men were created to be leaders,  women will always be builders and support these initiatives

DADS is trending as The World’s Largest MOVEMENT against Sex-Trafficking, Domestic Violence (verbal and physical abuse), Sexual Molestation, Rape, Bullying and Social Injustice led by DADS

DADS is the Voice for the community, the Nation, led by men co-led by women, families, YOU; to include Organizations and Company’s support

DADS supports the awareness that DirtytheBook brings to the residue so many carry around (in our relationships, at the office etc.,) from violent acts. DADS provides resources to help families, advocates for hurt girls, women, boys, men who seek help and DADS will provide a have a safe place for victims/survivors and overcomers to release their pain, begin to heal.

The book is a foundational tool, however, the Main focus is the Movement

Of course we want you to buy the book in bulk, as it is the foundational tool for DADS. However, more than anything we want you to be a voice and tell everybody you know about DirtyTheBook.com and DADS the MOVEMENT

This is BIGGER than a book, this is BIGGER than Neighborhood watch…
This is a NATIONWIDE watch to combine DADS and Organizations 1 family, 1 community, 1 State, 1 Nation at a time in efforts to Stop the Violence Stop as a United group.

DADS long term goals: will be like United Way with locations in every State and with locations in most major cities.  Working closely with local groups and organizations – pillars of DADS will be Prevention, Education and Awareness, Action and will develop proven milestones, with metrics to provide statistical data to prove DADS if effective

Purpose: gather DADS voices and support from women and placing action steps in place with intent to decrease the number of traumatic violent acts and increase the number of Positive DADS involved in the life of children and families

CALL TO ACTION – will you say yes to DADS —- Join the MOVEMENT on DirtyTheBook.com

Absent Father Statistics
WahingtonTimes.com 20012
Fathers disappear from households across America….Big increase in single mothers
Some neighborhoods in Southern States – 82 percent of children live with their mothers alone, (like Baton Rouge, La.), in parts of which less than one-fifth of children have both parents at home.

Black families differ from other racial groups in that the average black single mother has more children, not fewer, than her counterpart with a father present. Hispanic single mothers were most often dealing with the most mouths to feed but still had fewer children than

The Proof Is In: Father Absence Harms Children FYI

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United DADS

Be a Voice, 1 DAD 1 VOICE

Many DADS and their families = 1 BIG NATIONAL MOVEMENT

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Stop the Violence STOP


Through Awareness, Education, hand-on 1 person at a time involvement. Dirty will work with DADS to promote Physical and Virtual Tours promoting Dirty and DADS, walking for the cause and building plans to STOP the Violence STOP. (STOP said twice on purpose).

Through Partnership with other Organizations that work in Domestic abuse fields, Trauma, Molestation, Child Molestation, Bullying, Sex-Trafficking, Social Injustices. Work with Schools, Errin’s Law, Law Enforcement, etc.

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The Movement is DADS (Dads Against Dirty) DADS Against Violence. DADS mission is STV’S (Stop the Violence. STOP). People all over the Nation joining forces to take a stance against Dirty. Unifying with other organizations with similar missions and purposes. DADS believes we are a cause you want to JOIN and together we protect our boys, girls, men and women 1 person at a time, 1 family at a time.  This is more than neighborhood watch, this is Nationwide watch.

This movement stems from the book “DIRTY”

Dirty is Violence. Abuse of all types, sexual trauma, physical abuse, verbal abuse, bullying, social injustice, sex trafficking, molestation and more…

More about DIRTY and WHO

..a person or person (s) against Dirty, Dirty is for a person who believes the violence should STOP! and is willing to take action.  Dirty was written from a person who has lived through violence and STANDS. It is also written to be a voice to those others who have also lived through or going through it (boy or girl, man or woman). It if for a person who knows someone who has been violated, abused, molested, bullied; maybe you live with them, married them. You see the pain, the trauma or the residue and you want to be a voice too…


Get Involved

WE NEED YOU! Do you have a Violence Prevention Organization or Organization similar.

Your Business, Your Cause, Your Group, Your Non-Profit Business against Violence can join…Be a Voice and Join the Cause. We can be a bigger voice together.

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