You know you and or your family is a DADS type. You are Against Violence of all sorts type of person or organization. Maybe you don’t say or do much now but you are ready to.

You believe in POSITIVE change

You want to be a VOICE

You want to help STOP The Violence Stop

You want to be a part of a National Movement

You understand you don’t have to be a paternal DAD, you could be a Male or Female, Young or Old  – you believe in STOPPING the Dirty!

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Tell your entire family, friends, co-workers and your neighbors
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Two, well three things we need help with:

1. Your support in growing the Movement to eventually to be in every state
2. Branding a DADS Wear Clothing line (MAD is being suggested for Mother’s Against Dirty) and laying the DADS foundation
3. Financial Support (purchase books) We desire to give them away as well as provided education, awareness, support to sex-trafficked rescued victims, trauma victims, bullied victims, those who need hope from past hurts, those connected to those of past and present trauma, college students, corporations, friends and family